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Patient Information

Medicine has changed drastically over the past decade. Most of our patients belong to any number of HMOs, PPOs, or managed care plans. Since we are a provider for many of these constantly changing insurance plans, it would be in your best interest to check your insurance booklet or insurance company prior to your visit. We can usually tell you by phone if we are providers for or can file your insurance, but it will be your responsibility to verify this information.

Some patients will need referrals from their primary care providers, which will need to be brought with them or faxed prior to their visit. Our medical office strives to consistently be on time and on schedule. We ask that you, our valued patient, be punctual and have your insurance information available upon request.

We will make every attempt to assure a pleasant experience while visiting our office. For your convenience, we have made patient forms available for download.

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Dr. Nuss examination room